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Saturday, 24 May 2014


Has anyone used the term 'oncycling' yet or can I claim it as my own?
I found what I will call 'oncycled' boxes today. Luckily these little things make my heart sing. I find these truly great sculpture. What was a box has been made into a new box and has reprinted new logo on the outside.

These are things of great beauty but also very strong boxes. I love that the base is a bit skewed and not a perfect oblong. In our increasingly shiny over designed world I appreciate this kind of thing even more.

These boxes have great texture. I found them in Brixton Village (I hate calling it that as it will always be Granville Arcade to me - and see this fantastic footage of it in 1961!) one of Brixton's market arcades, but how appropriate for me to have them for packing the materials of my upcycling endeavours ready for move day when that comes. Maybe I should re-label one with my logo for a 3rd life from biscuits to palm juice to chandeliers.

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