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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Sea and Fair

I'm very happy that my chandeliers have been selling well at Two Kats and a Cow Gallery in Brighton. I've been working fast to restock. There's something about the light by the sea that enhances everything. I've been working alot with greens and turquoises. I prefer slightly muted colours, I think they look better with aluminium because it's not shiny. If you're getting your sun and sea in Brighton do visit this gallery - it's on the beach between the 2 piers.


...I have not been to the sea but to a country fair. I loved some of the old village games. The above of course is really timely (am enjoying odd binges of the World Cup) but I loved the quality of the painting. Is this considered folk art? I'm not sure the exact definition - maybe I'll find out more when I get to the British Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain next week. I think of my work as urban folk art. I cant tell you how much the division between fine art and craft annoys me. Since I've been looking for a studio (really tough) I found that 2 of the major providers in London only consider fine artists. It makes my search doubly hard.

Zooming in on the background this reminds me of the 3D spectators I bought in a market near this fair, that I featured here on my blog. I love the passion in their creation - beats fine art anyday!

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