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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Happy Distractions

 To cheer myself up since the Brexit vote I've been looking at the twitter account of the lynx who escaped from Dartmoor Zoo (Zexit?) a week ago; very amusing.

Flaviu the escaped lynx, photo copyright Dartmoor Zoo

They say he's stayed near the zoo but it's a little way from where I am and there were helicopters circling here the other evening. I hadn't realised that the story of the owner of this zoo is what the movie 'I bought a zoo' with Matt Damon is based on.
Another great antidote to the tumultuous political weeks has been to take some of my summer guests to Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre - my 3rd visit this season and one of my favourite places on earth. We always go on the dodgems twice; as their slogan says "everyone's favourite ride".

And I loved the spelling mistake below on the Super Sonic Skid!

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