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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Car Boot Treasures

Early morning sunshine drew me to the nearby car boot sale today. I often try to avoid going because I don't need more clutter - you know the feeling - but then what if I miss something? - and today was a good one and each item I bought was £1. Above is a silk Braque/Picasso inspired scarf in good nick. It's going in the box of potential presents. 

Then I found some little silk hankerchieves that look 1930's so I bought four of those.

They really are a dainty size and I thought I'd use them to wrap small presents, but folded on the cross they do reach round the neck and can be knotted so I could wear them - well I'm definitely not going to be blowing my nose into them!

I think this one might be my favourite because I like the mark making as if it's been coloured with pastel crayons.

CAR BOOT FIND OF THE DAY - Feeling lucky! - I couldn't come home without my Zoltar the Gypsy Lottery Fortune Teller also for £1.  Do click play as the image resolution sharpens in play. Listen to him roll the R in Thunderball, I love his accent and will definitely be taking his advice!
(sorry this doesn't seem to appear on ipad - had a week of techy nightares so I wont attempt to resolve, but it's on my instagram page)

I think all my time in the Penny Arcades at Dingles Heritage Fairground awoke my eyes to him. I was just playing the machine below a few days ago.

Occasionally you win! and I won 20p on one of these which is loud tumbling out as 10 x 2p pieces and that means 10 more plays - all good fun and I'm happy that all the fairground's winnings will go to preserving the collection of rides and machines. They are currently fund raising the buy and restore this Moonrocket - I can't wait to go on it.

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