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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


The Channel Tunnel     Photo from Bechtel.com

I thought the Channel Tunnel was one of the modern wonders of the world when it was built. Travel to mainland Europe without having to fly and in just a few hours is fantastic. I have often gone to Paris just for the day to scour flea markets for treasures for my work. It's unlikely it would be built now as the spirit in which it was built was tied up with unity of the European countries. I grieve for the loss of that spirit. My heart feels heavy like someone's died when I see ordinary British people interviewed and they start talking about fishing (quota problems etc, yes the EU is not perfect) and then go on to say they should send all the foreigners home! I am ashamed to be associated with these people, I do not want to be a little Englander.
By chance I watched the best ever antidote to my misery and anxiety about what lies ahead. It was Coldlplay at Glastonbury, didn't know I was a fan but watching a massive crowd of different people come together (in the cold and mud) and find common ground in a song they all knew all the words to was so moving, overwhelming. The band were so generous in giving a great show including my favourite ever Bee Gee song with Barry Gibb (Stayin' Alive - I put this on in my studio to get me going on a grey day). Also the tribute to Viola Beach, the young band who all died when their van crashed was such a beautiful idea. Do watch it - it restored my faith in humanity and reminded me that my community are still out there.

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