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Monday, 21 January 2013

The Bright Stuff

I love the reflected light you get from snow. Today was the first time it's been bright since it's snowed and the light has doubled, it must be my favourite kind of light.

I love the quietness of it too......

.....and the perfect souffles....

....and the way it outlines things.

Do you remember when we were desperately collecting water for the garden? - then it rained forever and the storage filled completely and water seemed like something we'd never be short of, well here's a funnel I cut from and empty plastic water bottle to channel rainwater into containers - now all overflowing with snow. You can shovel snow but some poor folk are still flooded with nowhere for water to drain to.

There's not much of a downside to cold weather for Otis because he loves languishing by the fire all day - I put my gloves by the fire to warm up and he looked so sweet when he decided to try one on.

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