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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stairwells and Wiltons

I realised that I have alot of photos of stairwells. They're often so photogenic and beautiful. These 3 stairwells are at Wiltons Music Hall. You may have seen Wiltons in films and TV as a location.

Visit the Mahogany Bar here; it dates from the 1700's. I went before Xmas, it's gorgeous, with layers of old textures, history and character.  Nice bar staff introduced me to the Moscow Mule! (vodka and ginger beer).

You can admire the patches of original plaster work over a drink and snack.

There are lots of rooms to explore. Here's a mechanical sculpture in an exhibition they had. I love the view from the old interior out through the geraniums in the window box to an east London modern block lit at night.
Wiltons always needs support for restoration. I became a friend a few years ago as it's such a special London gem we don't want to lose. Find it 10 minutes walk south from Aldgate East tube.

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