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Monday, 7 January 2013


This is my mums kitchen drawer. I was looking for tools and found it hard to find anything in this sea of useful looking things. I'm not sure how really useful they are though. Plenty of elastic bands and bits of string and lolly sticks to label plant pots with, paper clips and drawing pins, sachets of powder for vase flowers and old nylon tights which she uses in the garden to tie things like trees to stakes - they never rot - amongst other stuff.
I was going to tidy the drawer so it would be easier to find things - but then I didn't have the heart because it seems like a work of art in itself. Also unfortunately my mum was in hospital over Xmas, (the first time she's shown any real signs of her great age) so I didn't want to feel like I was taking advantage - I would hate it if someone tidied my stuff!!!!

And then I found a repaired elastic band - even though was no shortage of complete ones. Obviously I've inherited some of these tendancies.....


  1. Happy new year Madeleine.

    Sorry to hear your mum's been poorly and in hospital! How is she doing now?

    Sending hugs your way - A x

  2. Thanks Al and Happy New Year to you. Yes she's recovering well thanks and thank goodness for modern medicine. Xmas in hospital was different - they served up turkey, mince pies and all the patients got crackers.

  3. Glad she's doing well - despite their efforts, it really must be the worst time to be in hospital! Tell her I have a new photograph collage of little Ben to go on my blog - anytime soon - that will make her feel better for sure! ;-) Hugz x

  4. Actually Xmas in hospital was quite sweet! No fussing around with responsibilities at home and a great community spirit amongst the patients as they pulled the crackers they were given and some put the paper crowns on. They got turkey dinner and mince pies too - it was really touching - though I wouldn't choose or hope for anyone to be there!


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