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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Have you discovered sugru yet?
Latest News: Sugru inventor Jane ni Dhulchoaintigh just won Design Entrepreneur prize at the London Design Festival.
I mentioned it in this post from the Power of Making exhibition.

It's a silicone based rubber that bonds, models and hardens and needs around 24hours to cure. It then is really tough and can take heat and water.  I broke these small scissors and glue was rubbish - too brittle - they soon broke again so I 'hacked' them with sugru - enjoying the obvious mend. They work really well now. I love the sugru slogan 'hack life better'. Watch the inventor, Jane's video here. She wanted to create something that could improve broken or badly designed things. Big cheers to her!

So, having become a convert I now look for things that need hacking and here was another, my broken handle on a cast iron lid.

Now well hacked with some blue sugru. You can buy a pouch of mini-packs in mixed colours from their website. Peruse the site to see what others have used sugru for, it's life-changing stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Howdee Madeleine - I trust you are well?

    Had never heard of this - but like you, I have a cast iron casserole dish lid which has seen much better days! It's Le Creuset so a replacement handle is something like £20!!!!! This will do perfectly! ;-) xx


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