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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Glass Heap Challenge 2

Fellow Challengers were from all over: here in the foreground the big bottle lamp is by Team Dega: Agnes Deli & Endre Gaal from Hungary, also theirs are hanging plastic screens with glass debris sandwiched inside. In the background was an installation by another team. Amongst the scrap we had on offer were alot of bottles, off-cuts from designers and waste from industry, there seemed plenty of quantity but not a huge cross section to choose from. The initiative of the project was to address what can be done with glass waste from different sources.

The Stipglas team from the Netherlands brought their own small kiln and crushed bottles etc into tiny pieces (frit) put this in moulds and pushed it through the kiln, warming, heating and then controlled cooling to produce little tiles.

Another funky lamp by Team Dega from Hungary.

This tower is by Katharina Kleinfeld from Germany.

Glass is an considered an extravagant material to work with when hot because of the power needed to get the temperatures required.

Although I was working with 2 hot glass artists we only used cold working techniques of cutting, bonding and assembling.

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