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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

In the Ether

A customer alerted me to a feature in Dorset magazine where my work has been photographed in situ. It's always nice to see this as I rarely see my work installed but I really liked the photography in this article - click on the bookmark at the top right hand side of the magazine cover saying  pages 72 -73. Don't you love the sound of paper pages turning on online magazines?!
Also online is an interview with pics that I did for new blog The Operators who're interested in all things visual.


  1. Stunning picture - but then that's only because it's a stunning chandelier!!!!!!!!!

    I love it of course - as always!

    Great interview & responses too - I'd be no good in that kind of setting...I'd freeze or start speaking gobble-dee-gook!!!

    Hugs x

    1. Thanks!
      Well hey I'm an old hand - and had time to think about these questions which were good ones, they aren't always. With students I'm careful not to write their thesis for them and try and get them to do more work because "why do you recycle?" is too big a question to answer simply.
      Hope all's well X


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