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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Accidental Art

 These are the beautiful doors I spotted in the south of France. The repairs are so stunning. I wonder if someone put these in a gallery how high the bidding could go. They really are up there with the great Abstract Expressionists.

I'd love to know the thoughts behind the repairs, or maybe it's just reinforcement as it's hard to see how holes would just appear. This bit looks like a flattened bucket. I love that something 3 dimensional has been flattened back into a sheet - but still looks sculptural.

Look at the dynamic shapes and the range of colours and textures, I would love to know if the maker thinks they're as beautiful as I do.


  1. make do and mend
    {perhaps ? ]
    far more interesting
    than a sterile new door
    x ... ***

  2. Definitely, but you see these old things sometimes and then learn they're of no value to the owner, when suddenly one day they're replaced with new - like the inside of a cafe I know that I loved for it's old fold down seats like a taxi, now it looks like any other interior.


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