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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shabby Chic!

I don't see so much of the windowsill squirrels when temperatures rise, but the guy below sheltered from a hail storm recently. The dray has a nice splash of bright blue.

A few people have asked me don't I want to clear up the scruffy dray? No - it's a thing of beauty and it's still a home! I love their use of urban debris - visible in the dray are: plastic bags, paper bags, newspaper, notepaper, ball of wool, jay cloth, woolly upholstery stuffing, wipes and T shirt fabric. It starts as just ivy, then they bring in dry leaves, as it gets colder and wetter in come the more insulatery and waterproof materials. Smart guys.
If you are a squirrel lover, check out this story!


  1. I WAS a squirrel lover until they got into our attic, pulled out all the insulation and chewed the cables. Got to admire their ingenuity though! M x

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! And they're not hurting your home at all. I can understand Jane's point of view, but in this case you have a bird's eye view and they are absolutely charming. What a nice chance to watch them close up!

    1. Yes I've heard they can be home wreckers, rooves seem to need squirrel proofing. They have dug up my bulbs etc in the past too but then they dont know they're mine not theirs, they must think humans are annoying pests. They beat rats and cockroaches though if one's going to have visiting wildlife.

  3. This tickles me, he is so cute peeking out!
    Thanks for sharing


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