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Thursday, 19 April 2012


I love putting colours together and consider myself very lucky to do this for a job.
DeLuxe Duet
I love peppermint green with cobalt blue and raspberry.
This piece is for 3 candles and is going into Cavaliero Finn's next show in May. More info on that here. They select beautiful paintings and design by contemporary artists and almost sold out their last show.


  1. That's a really gorgeous chandelier Madeleine - you are clever! I love the shape and especially how the cups and glasses work together. You're right about those colours (which I'd never think to use myself) - the blue really makes the whole composition sing.
    What's your studio cat up to???

    1. Oh Thanks, yes cobalt blue in glass is powerful, you put it next to some colours and they go zing. THE cat is probably watching wrens building nests in our open corridors, mmm, wish he wasn't interested in birds.

  2. Another beauty!!!!!!!

    Those colours together are stunning!!!

    ...and yes what a GREAT job you have!! ;-)

    Alan x


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