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Thursday, 3 May 2012

More Colours

Some years ago I heard a speaker at a design conference talking about colour forecasting. She spoke about yellow and grey, and sure enough over time everything went yellow and grey. I'm always suspicious of fashion because of the tendency to blindly do as told, but of course it all seeps in gradually, eyes atune and things I thought would never catch on are everywhere (puffball skirts!?) 

Anyway, I adore colour combinations and recently I made a chandelier in yellow and grey with amber too. Usually I work with a customer to make a paint palette of beads and glass that will compliment their colour scheme, sometimes working with swatches, paint or wallpaper.

 I love smoke coloured glass, it's so metallic. This chandelier ended up looking like it's dripping honey.


  1. STUNNING!! I love your unusual but beautiful items and, as always, your colour combinations. I still want a candle chandelier - although now in this new house there are a lot more choices of colour to play with!!!!! ;-)

  2. This is really cool! You have some of the most unique creations I have ever seen! Keep up the great work!


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