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Friday, 3 February 2012

Flowers on Friday

Even though I don't need to acquire any more paintings and I wasn't trying to expand the collection of amateur flower paintings - I had to get this last time I was in the Paris flea markets. It looked a little sad, like it needed a good home. It's dated 1933 and the colours remind me of clothes from that era.
Often images - paintings, drawings and photographs - work better as a series than trying to pick a single favourite. Especially photos I think, I love to see a black and white contact sheet as a group of interest whereas it's hard to single out one best image. Anyway this little painting (less than 10" high) is in the hallway now with other pals.

Also from Paris (sorry to be a Paris bore!) but a few years ago is a similar sized painting - an hommage to a Vincent Van Gogh painting, I wasn't madly in love with either of these by themselves but as part of a group they have their place. I do love the passion of an amateur painter so much more than a po-faced concept.

This one seemed to go well with the hyacinth. they lean in alternate directions so balance each other out and seem related by their yellow bases.

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