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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Practical Jokers

I love useful implements that look comical. I bought quite a few old kitchen utensils over the years - I never knew when I started making chandeliers that all this stuff would become collectible kitchenalia. I have used some of these in wall lights, but funnily enough the spoon above made it's way into my kitchen and I use it alot - usually kitchen things migrate the other way - to the studio.

I love the simple mechanism of this spatula thing, that widens it - I presume its for turning something like an omelette over, but I'm not entirely sure.

I got this whisk at a street market, it's ridiculous how much I love the tiny loop it has to hang it on the wall, genius, similarly I love the way the finger holding bit is made on this curvy slicer. I'm always looking for technical solutions in my work - the simple ideas are always the best!


  1. Yes the little loops are stonking. One more thing with a little loop for the perfect triptych I reckon.

    1. ....and I'm sure I'd find one or two more in my huge collection of STUFF if I looked a bit longer!

  2. Beautifully loopy;-)

    That spoon is cute & fab - but are the holes too big for peas? xx

    1. Probably, I get kidney beans out of a tin with them - there's a lazy kitchen secret out too..

  3. What a fantastic collection - and what fun to look out for these kind of things. I also love functional everyday things - some of my favourite objects are a very simple and very functional set of firearms from a French flea market and a big old circular chopping board. I like old kitchen utensils and think about the women who might have used them. Once I got (in French flea market again) an old basket full of every type of wooden spoon and spatula - all ancient and worn thin in places. I love using these as presumably did the woman who had them before.
    I collect old containers of interesting shapes to put my tools in in the studio.


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