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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Getting the Weekend Newspaper

As I was getting my Saturday newspaper, so was Cyril, in several mouthfuls, preparing for the incoming Siberian weather. I have so much admiration for this little guy because he's so industrious - out of all the squirrels he's the best builder, constantly recycling, so if you think the squirrels have taken over the blog, file this under eco home, interiors, recycling humble objects, ingenuity, making-do etc., plus they are extremely CUTE.

But if you do think I've gone squirrel mad - here's confirmation, I have acquired a few squirrel things, I got this perspex ring from nonesuchthings at the last Lovely Merchants sale, couldn't resist. Their next sale is on Sunday 12th Feb in Camden with food downstairs this time, see their blog and Christina Wilson's Sweet Nothings blog to keep up to date on their info and events.

Love him!


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