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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Finding Time

I'm hoping to find time......

......to take this little chandelier to Lost and Found. I call it a mini 6 Cup as I've used mini espresso cups and it has a single pendant bulb rather than 3 candle bulbs on my usual sized 6 cup. I like to make one-offs like this when I find odd sized components that are hard to repeat.

It's time to restock my work and see what's new in this lovely shop....

Open on Saturdays from 11 - 5pm at 77 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 4TW


  1. OOOOH wow - another shop to visit on my eventual return to London! I'm gonna be busy at this rate - but those bus stop signs are fab!!

  2. Hi, Madeleine!
    Here is the post I made about your fantastic chandelier: http://maratonjenta.blogspot.com/2012/01/madeleines-fantastiske-lamper.html

    My blogfriends in Norway love them!

    Regards, Maratonjenta!


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