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Monday, 14 November 2011

Thinking Inside the Box

Seeing a squirrel rebuilding the winter refuge in my window box really cheered up this grey day.

This industrious little guy trimmed the ivy as he got new material for the home. Squirrels spent three winters here then last year moved to my neighbour upstairs. I never cleared out the box and replaced plants because I always hoped they'd come back - so I was really happy to see this activity today. They re-use the paper and plastic, they're great upcyclers and reccyclers. I just love watching how clever they are, and they stop and stare and make eye contact which is very cute.  Otis was having one of his many siestas whilst the construction took place, so no pouncing at the window.

When he did get active he had an in the box thing going on aswell, I know cats do generally like exploring boxes, but Otis doesn't usually bother, I'm sure he did this because he sensed I'd paid other creatures quite enough attention (he does seem to know everything) and so spotted this was where he could have maximum impact on what I was working with.

Past winter squirrel posts here and here, the latter a little movie.


  1. Both squirrel and cat looking extremely cute here! My old cats would optimise the chance to have all eyes on them very well - a favourite trick used to be lying on the scrabble board during a game of scrabble!

  2. Oh yes, my mums cat sits on her jigsaws and curls up in the box of pieces - but guess when? - only when she's working on it of course. Love 'em.

  3. Awww cute - both of them! Looking forward to reading more adventures of those squirrels! Have just posted some more pics of Ben and Merlin - both soooo full of chararacter!


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