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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Brixton Market and more

If you're an about town kind of person and live or visit London you'll know about the growth and growth of Brixton Market. It has become a serious food and vintage destination. I love what Seven have done with suitcases and trunks for tables, and big packing labels for menus; the food is Spanish and tapas and it's next door to Casa Morita (Mexican) in Market Row arcade. Seven is open from 8am for breakfast.

At Breads Etc., you can make your own toast and wrap up in blankets if needs be - how cosy.

In Brixton Village arcade Cornercopia has fabulous local food. This is the foodie king of the market, so it's not a cheap snack place, more of a treat, and really great food. I had a halloumi type cheese made in Bermondsey with roasted beetroot and red onion, very delicious, my mum had duck - her favourite - cooked perfectly. It's a small menu (3 or 4 main courses max) and there's always a vegetarian dish included. They serve British wine and as much local stuff as possible, I believe they've even served bread from wheat milled at the restored Brixton Windmill.

But do not fear - the original Brixton Market stalls have not been squeezed out by the rejuvenation, there were alot of empty units for years.

Vintage Fans
This Saturday 19th November check out a new Vintage market on Brixton Station Road by the Recreation Centre. New markets every Saturday, info here.

an 8 minute walk up Somerleyton Road and turn left will bring you to the 2011 Stirling Prize winner (architectural) the Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid.


  1. Wow - these places look fab Madeleine! Vintage finds mixed in with a stylish place to go for a coffee is my idea of weekend heaven!

  2. Yes, come on down! And bring (borrow) Ben!

  3. MIght be arranged ;-) It's about time we hauled ourselves down to the Big Smoke!

    Mum's even spoke about giving Ben away ;-( (I truly hope not) ...so I may even be leaving him with you!


  4. I bet your mum thought that about you kids when you were growing up too!, but I'm sure she cant part with him. Otis would be so upset if I got another creature - he's even taking to sitting on the fridge when I'm in the kitchen - it blocks my view to the squirrels..


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