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Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 5 of the Rebuild

Squirrel has been busy and it seems darker in here as the home gets higher. He builds from the inside out and here he's about to use the entrance that he extended by chewing a dip in the wooden box. It looks ready now - compare it to the post before last to check the progress. A few red berries on top would look nice as we go in to December.


  1. We have squirrels in roofs which is not so good but they look great playing in the garden. Saw your comment on Kathy Dalwoods blog on our place, thank you... dusting goes by the board, on your chandelier business, I have made quite a few as a Sculptor and blacksmith.. if you ever need help with projects!!

  2. Hello Roger - yes Quentin Crisp had an effective non-dusting technique didn't he. Alot of people just find squirrels pests, but there's no bigger pest to the environment than the human being! Thanks for the offer re chandeliers.


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