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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Package Deal

Can you see what this bag is woven from ?
Here's a closer view.

It's strips of Tetra Pak drinks cartons.
Have you ever tried to tear one? They're so strong. I bought this on a market stall in southern Portugal from some quite elderly weavers. I love the mixture of the silver interior and the outside's colours and text. I know we can recycle Tetra Paks now but they get soaked to seperate the paperboard, plastic and aluminium which seems long winded. I was trying to think what else you could use the washed carton material for: I have made wallet type things from it. It's such a strong material it would be good to re-use it without having to reform the components. Maybe you could fill them with sand to make bricks and then build a house?  seriously.... I'm meeting an architect friend later today so I shall run that one past her. Incidentally, Mr Tetra Pak inventor/producer is one of the richest people on the planet I believe.


  1. Interesting. I love this! I'm in India at the moment and you can buy plates that are made from Tetrapaks. They look like they've been pressed on a mould and they are very sturdy fluted picnic plates. But I wash them and use them loads...The plate side is silver and the underneath the fruit carton or whatever it was. They are lovely...

  2. I didn't know it was possible to recycle Tetrapaks and another blogger in Canada was asking about this so I will send her the link. Many thanks.


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