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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Getting to Grips with the Gear

I haven't found the transition from analogue photography to digital easy. I had a film camera I loved and lenses that I'd collected gradually as I could afford them and I knew just how I needed to overexpose for slides of my work.  However now that I finally have a digital SLR and two lenses, I'm getting to know them and thrilled with the results so far. I still have a black and white enlarger and I used to print alot and dodge and burn-in by hand etc. I struggled with the problem of dust settling in the film gelatine as it dried and pouring chemicals away, so I can't imagine going back to film, though it seems sad to make all that lovely old equipment redundant. Anyway downloading these pictures seems magic to me and they barely if at all need the hand of Photoshop as my little digital zoom pictures do.

I photographed these two related Jelly Bowl Lanterns before they left the studio, the discerning buyers of Anthropologie have been round and acquired them for some UK stores. There are two in London, my work will go to the Kings Road branch and to a new store opening soon on George Street in Edinburgh.
The Kings Rd shop has a gallery at the front, although this exhibition by Swarm featured on Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog has finished now - look out for Anthropologie's future exhibitions.

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