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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gil Scott Heron R.I.P.

How sad to learn of the death of one of my all time favourite singer and song writing artists at the age of 62, Gil Scott Heron. He was his own genre, a totally individual sound and it's hard to think of another artist who can move me like he does. Listen to 'Pieces of a Man' amongst so many other beautiful, painful, soulful, political, funky happy, sad songs. If you're not familiar with him have a listen on Spotify.  Some singers get hailed as great songwriters or even the greatest, I'm not keen on overblown claims because there are so many incomparable artists out there.... but as a prolific talent he probably tops my other faves, Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits... His work ages well too, listen to 'The Revolution will not be Televised', it sounds ferocious still today.
His death releases him from a very troubled life including addiction and jail, what a force his artistry was, I hope he went peacefully.


  1. I am sorry to hear about you losing your favorite song writer and singer. It is always sad to say goodbye to someone, and particularly someone who has touched your life. I did not know of him but like you, hope he passed peacefully. May your memories of his songs stay in your heart.

  2. I too love Gill Scott Heron's work although I never managed to see him live. Just listened to 'Pieces of a Man' as you recommended and it made me think how our lives are in pieces unless we sew them up into a secure and radiant patchwork. You chandeliers are lovely. I'm a friend of Lesley's who recommended your blog. Antonia

  3. Hello Phyllis and Antonia,
    Welcome and thanks for nice words. When an artist dies we always rediscover their work and I dug out my CD's and have been enjoying Gil's company in the studio more than before - cant be bad.


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