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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sound Effect

I was given a brief by a Japanese customer; to make a chandelier inspired by music by Harold Budd and Brian Eno - an album called 'The Pearl'. Have a listen, it's on spotify.
It's ambient music, very very clear, well worth a listen if you want to cleanse your head of clutter and thoughts of e-mails and bills etc. and focus on some serious creative efforts. Anyway I knew the client's wife liked green and turquoise but I saw no colour. The sound is like mountain air or water, full of oxygen - no colour! I also knew he'd seen my work in whites and clear and pearl and wanted something different. I panicked a bit at how I would find a solution. At the time I was taken with lilac glass, for years I never found beads in this colour then suddenly it appeared and it has a really crisp freshness. I put it with clear and opal and some rough crystal quartz chunks and happily it all seemed to come together, reflect the sound mood and most of all please my customers. To date it's the only musical commission I've had - I was thrilled to be given such a task.


  1. It's stunning!! I love your work.

  2. Oh Madeleine - that is so beautiful - as always! You know that I'm still after one of your candle creations yeah? ;-) No rush - whenever's convenient...although after seeing this one maybe I should be reconsidering the colour scheme so that it is more neutral and versatile to fit all possible positions in our new house (wherever that is!!) ;-)

    Hope you're well x

  3. Thanks guys! I'm hoping for better pics in the future as I'm just getting to grips with a proper DSLR camera and lens. My heart's still in analogue but it's no longer practical.


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