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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beloved Tools

I love to see the workshops of real artisans and I've just visited my industrious friends Urban Upholstery. I think their work space is even colder than mine! I also love to look at workshop tools and I'd admired a hammer Andrea had, it's the longest slimmest, most elegant hammer I've ever seen. 
It's specially for upholstery and Andrea has used it for decades and wonders how many pins it has served. He has bought a similar advance replacement but actually it doesn't compare well to the original's fine proportions.

I asked him if he had a favourite tool and apart from the hammer he is particularly attached to this webbing-stretcher. It has sentimental value too as it was made by his first teacher who he learned upholstery from in Italy and who's sadly no longer alive. So Andrea has used this all of his working life and re-upholstered the tool itself several times over as it's cover wears out.

Patrizia was busy deconstructing....

......and I want to show you a finished piece of theirs....

Follow their activities by visiting their BLOG here.

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