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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


A friend gave me a box and a bag full of old glasses for Christmas. He works for a theatre company behind the scenes and there was a prop room clear out - so Thanks Steve for nabbing all these for me! I realised alot of these styles don't turn up at charity shops much anymore. These have facets and flat bits like lenses. A few years ago when charity shops started raising their prices I thought it was ok as it's always for a good cause.  More recently they all seem to censor the stuff and there's no junk - some of us were only drawn in by the box on the floor full of unsorted cheap dirty kitchenware! The prices have gone up again and I really don't like the ones that have barely any bric a brac except for a few ikea frames and some candlesticks priced at more than they cost new. I know all you flea marketeering bloggers will agree.

Anyway as someone who donates stuff to charity shops too I don't want to see it over-priced, it's supposed to be for those with less ready cash. Back to the glasses, they're so photogenic, I love the smokey silvery grey colour of the density so I couldn't resist a few family portraits.


  1. I went in a load of charity shops today - and you are right, hardly any bric-a-brac - and what there was there was too expensive!

    Those glasses look lovely - great present!

    MA is all done - so trying to get back to normality!

    Hope you're well x

  2. I was once after some vintage dress patterns and thought that a charity shop would be the perfect place to find them but was told that they would often get them in but not sell them. I gave the shop my number and asked them to keep some aside for me and that I would happily pay for them even if they are not worthy of the shop floor. Lucky for me the shop was happy to oblige.

    It might be worth doing the same for your glasses. You might be able to snap up some real bargains and stop perfectly good glasses from being consigned to the bin!

    Kay x

  3. Hello Kay - thanks for the tip, yes I had thought of this but never got round to asking anywhere - mainly because I go to so many different charity shops, but maybe I will. I had a real pang of nostalgia recently remembering how much great stuff we got as teenagers, we all had 1940's dresses and granny sandals that we painted bright colours.


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