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Friday, 25 February 2011

In the Thick of It

Don't you admire how cats know where to place themselves and when?
Otis settles on all my to-do lists in the early morning just when I sort them.

And what would they think if I turned up to accordion class with a cat instead?

But then he gives me a good reason not to do the admin jobs....

And he seems quite happy that it still feels like winter in the studio.


  1. Aaaaaah, I have a huuuuuge aching and longing for a cat! I have plans to adopt a cat once I´ve moved...

  2. My cat is just the same, but he's so cute I can't help but instantly forgive him and give him a well deserved brush! Otis look very sweet - I love his little white paws!

  3. Merlin is the same!

    As soon as anything is out on the table she's sitting on it! Anything I need or can't find - I just look under Merlin, it'll be there!

    She loves me to write whilst siting at the table. She always comes to join me, playing with the pen as I'm trying to jot things down, and eventually sitting fully on my paper so I can't write or even read what I've written!

  4. Love 'em!, and Nina, there's plenty wanting loving homes, so as soon as you're ready.....of course they do a great job of keeping the mice at bay too, they'd have the run of this place if I didn't have Otis.


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