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Monday, 5 April 2010

Otis - King of the Studio

Some friends have been waiting for Otis to appear on this blog, so here he is looking like Quality Control officer in the studio.
He's always dapper, sporting spats, bib, tuxedo, bow tie, moustache and beauty spot!
Easter Cat
Our Easter card has been really well received with a few belly laughs, so since this blog lacked bright colours and since it's been a bit of a lazy weekend in the studio, I decided to put it here for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Hooray! He could be the next Bond!

    {the bunny pose is simply to charm the laydees I think!}

  2. Oh Yes - I never thought of James Bond and only yesterday a friend and I were trying to think of the movie star equivalent to our cats look and style (as you do), we had Otis somewhere between Gregory Peck and Groucho Marx!

  3. Shaken not stirred ;-)

    What a handsome cat he is too ;-)

    Not sure who my cat would look like...I'm going to have to give that one some thought. She's tiny and looks Maine Coon - a real darling, very independent, very beautiful but very insecure (she was weened apparently far too early from her mother). I'll go for Edith Piaf or Judy Garland!?

    Hope you're well sweet x

  4. Hi Houdini
    Thanks for dropping in and hope you've been having a nice Easter. X
    Well those characters give me a really good idea of your cat, I can feel another whole blog coming on can you? I can just see the merchandise too - Otis T shirts with a Banksy style stencil of him - could sell more than the chandeliers!?

  5. Well I was going to mention how she's bullemic as well - which would bring to mind many more celebrities - but i wasn't sure if that would be in bad taste!! ;-)

    Had a great Easter thanks - with a visit from an old univerity friend and her beau - you? xx


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