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Thursday, 8 April 2010

In Situ

I've been looking through my photos from my exhibition at Found last autumn to see if I could find any that show my work well in an environment. I like these two. It's such a beautiful shop and full of surprises too, like a big anchor and some big metal chimney-like things, a metal balcony and a huge clock amongst other treasures.
I love this big 8 Cup chandelier here, next to a plastic seagull if you look carefully, they make surprisingly good companions. It looks so at home here and it's nice for me to see the work out of the studio, especially hung over a table when it can be lower and you can engage with it more. This was really the party table when I was there, alot of wine was consumed underneath it with alot of different visitors.
The first visitor to my show was the editor of Elle Deco Japan - a real thrill for me as that would never happen in the UK!!!

This Jelly Bowl Lantern has some old blue glass buttons in it.
I love the narrow handled dessert cutlery. I never thought I'd use cutlery in my work because I don't like obvious jokes or kitsch things, but then I found some elegant pieces that worked really well - it's nice to surprise yourself in a complete change of opinion sometimes!
The candlesticks in the background are really old French ones, but they look like relatives somehow - I suppose they are.


  1. oooooooooohhh my..do you want to come over to my house to sip lemonade...i love what your making.....

  2. Well I would but you're an awful long way away! But definitely next time I'm in your area....


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