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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stuff Matters

I finally started reading Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik. Having heard him speak at Making Futures conference last year I had his book on my to read list and bought it here. One fantastic thing about it is that it's written in easy to understand English - not always so amongst academics. I've just read about the structure of metals and it is SO fascinating presumably because it's written by someone who is fascinated by how materials behave. 

I hadn't bothered to stop and think where we might be without the discovery of metals - back in the stone age using flint, wood and bone - so I'll just take a moment to honour the ancestors who discovered metal ore which lead to my massive collection of tin and aluminium treasures.


  1. Double treasure: a vision of a fab book and a hot link to dear Wordery, whom I really like. Have ordered the book (for an artist-architecty friend) and opened an account at Wordery.


  2. I think it's a great book for everyone, very much looking forward to the chapter on chocolate.....

  3. I have looked more closely, and you're right, of course: it is indeed a book for everyone!


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