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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Really Good Coffee

I've been working on a chandelier that I had to put on hold but I hope to finish it soon, it's called All Day Breakfast and uses little croissant moulds. I didn't know whether to add colour but then decided - since it was a breakfast theme - on different coffee colours from dark espresso through cafe au lait to a creamy colour. I am a lover of cafe culture and it's hard to beat the fix of a really good coffee mid morning, very often though you can get served a massive bowl of milky soup - yuk. Many years ago I met the designer Antonio Scarponi of Conceptual Devices when I was on a residency in Cork city during European Capital of Culture year. We were eating in a great wholefood cafe but never had the big mug of coffee there and I discovered he was even more particular than me about what a proper coffee should be. I think the Italians got the proportions perfect, the big cups are all wrong and the cocoa powder should go between the espresso coffee and frothy milk. 
Happily I had 2 really good coffees out and about in London recently so let me share with you a cappuccino that was less than £2 - yes! £1.70 in fact, nice and strong, perfect size at EATalia on Bermondsey Street. Another at £2 was in Waterloo, near Lambeth North tube at Perdoni's (also known as Riverside 2). It's amazing what we will pay for coffee caught with the urge - a powerful drug indeed. Do take a look at Antonio's devices: clever design with a social responsibility.

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