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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Barbican and Jean Paul Gaultier

Last chance to see Jean Paul Gaultier at the Barbican, this exhibition ends on the 25th of August. I'm so late to get to things otherwise I would have put this here sooner.

I didn't realise I was a fan but I loved alot of this. The variations on sailor stuff for men and women are so flattering to each, gorgeous shapes and lines; fat espadrilles on the men and big buttoned trousers and 30's shapes on the women. He really had fun with that. I also loved the stuff inspired by Mongolian costume: amazing.

I'm not at all a fashionista but I love creative revolutionaries. I think JPG loves men and women. I see so much fashion that I think despises women - I'm so sick of seeing women dressed up like men in bad drag - unflattering oversized everything, perched, pruned and pinched with sticky looking hair and eye lashes. This show was full of subtle, elegant detail - oh the old punks are the best!!!

Everytime I go to the Barbican centre I love it and wonder why I don't go more often. The residential bit always made me think of Star Trek from my childhood when they land in a strange place with no people - I am yet to see a human on a balcony here - or how I imagined Tokyo would be before I went there. I like the strange atmosphere. I went for morning coffee before the exhibition opened so it was very quiet, the centre opens at 9am, the gallery at 10. Membership looks like good value if you go to more then 3 exhibitions there a year.

I was taken to the front restaurant called the foodhall on the waterside there for a birthday lunch treat once - good choice, it's a great place to sit and eat and meet pals. I love the decor; lots of lights made from large jars, understated furniture and I really appreciated the unpainted columns left rough and ready - looked like a last minute idea to not paint them over as their texture and marks are so complimentary.

There - I think this ended up being an hommage to the Barbican Centre post - hope I sold it to you!

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