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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cityscape painting

I bought this painting in a charity shop in south London a few months ago. I'm always amazed to still find stuff that's gone trendy - and this has it's scuffing and little tears that makes it bona fide shabby chic. I actually looked at it for ages before I decided to get it. It's so hard justifying bringing more junk in - especially since I face eviction which at worst could be in less than 4 weeks time but hopefully will be further into the future.
Anyway, one of the things that helped me decide to get it was a bod hovering behind me clearly waiting to see if I was going to decline. I kept hold of it as I wondered if I'd regret not getting it and watch them walk out with it. So, cheekily I taunted them a bit by keeping my decision slow and then got it - at only £5.99 I don't why it took so long. Nothing like a bit of competition I suppose. I would love to know where it is, looks Russiany/eastern Europeish, do let me know if you recognise it.

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