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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

More Finds

I went to Kempton antiques market recently, a nice crisp sunny cold morning to go hunting for junk but I found everything so expensive, like retail prices. Next time I'll go at closing time when the prices come down. Anyway I was giving up hope of finding any surprising, inspiring treasure when I came across a box of Meccano for £10. I looked up Meccano and they still make it but it's gone the way of Lego: over-designed with little room for imagination. I mourn the loss of a nation of boys making trucks and cranes with working pulleys etc. from scratch!

Also in the box was this screwdriver. I think they still make this style but isn't the practical simplicity beautiful. I have been marveling at it's economy of design. One rod bent around and with one end flattened - ticks all my boxes.

Dresser Find Update

I ended up painting the inside of the glass door cupboard I got recently to lighten it up. I gave it 2 coats proper coverage to avoid any hints of that fake shabby scratchy style....have you seen B&Q do floor covering with a trompe l'oeuil floorboard of worn paint? Amazing, look at it here. It still perplexes me that the styles of arty folk of 30 years ago that were considered leftfield and quirky are now mainstream taste and the things we scavenged because no-one wanted them and because we art students had no money are now highly desirable and expensive items.

I added a narrow shelf at the top for all my tiny glasses. And if you love the LED rabbit light...it was £5.99 at 20 Storey in Market Row in Brixton market. This is a really nice shop and better than the shop at the Design Museum which I found massively disappointing. I've done all my Xmas shopping in Brixton, fantastic to get all that done without leaving SW9.


  1. Your Meccano was a lucky find, I like the idea of abstract constructions with it infact I designed some pieces where I cut my own Meccano plates and angles freehand in heavy iron, the jumble in your photo is great and I wonder what you will make? I have seen Sculpture made of it but it was very boring much more fun to have abstract jumbles... how about a chandelier with a clockwork motor so you have your own Tinguely style mobile!!!

  2. I wonder what I will make too! Yes I've thought of musical chandeliers too, but one thing at a time I guess, love Tinguely, an all time fave of mine.

  3. Here's an inspirational Christmas card for you!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4iXF-LIYi0#t=24


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