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Sunday, 24 November 2013


It's been a good few days for finds. These glasses are from Brixton's Saturday market, they were 50pence each. I love the hand engraved stars, especially the mini elegant one which will go in my little collection of the few I don't use. The stem is so fine anyway I'd be worried it could break in transit.

I also found, but then paid for a piece of furniture being thrown away. I saw this cabinet at the back entrance of a charity shop.

It's the top half of a dresser that they said was broken. It's not, the 2 parts just come apart. I looked at the bottom half and decided to offer a donation for both and pay delivery. So in all I paid £40 - that's a good deal better than the haberdashers cabinets I'd been lusting over online! Fashionable stuff is a ridiculous price so I don't participate in that scrum.
When it comes to old stuff and re-using I really aim to have something that really was otherwise being thrown away.

Someone has given it a fake shabby chic dose of paint - not my style - but I'm yet to decide how I'll finish it. It is nuts that it was being thrown away from a charity shop - those of us already alert to minimising waste are clearly in a minority, there's plenty of education necessary to redefine 'waste'. Think of the fantastic flea markets you could have with all the stuff charity shops don't want.
Anyway I'm thrilled with my finds and I have very little storage where things are out of view so this is a real novelty.

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