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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Parisian Squirrels

There are many favourite things in this photo, a bright day walking in Paris, blue sky, old lettering, discovering an old chocolate shop, little chandeliers, reflections, etc.
This is a famous chocolaterie called A La Mere de Famille on Rue du Faubourg Montmartre.

Inside it has lovely old decor and fixtures which make the produce even more attractive than it already is. There was another reason why I didn't come out empty handed though......

I'm actually not seduced by all squirrenalia (!) but Les Folies de L'Ecureuil is such a great line and the box had a nice motif, not too Disneyish. I gave a box to friends who also appreciate the wily ways of the squirrel.

People are asking if my window sill squirrels are back yet this autumn - I don't think it's cold enough yet for the winter dray building and of course they may not come back but I DO hope so!
However they are about and up to their 'folies', yep they've dug up my bulbs faster than I planted them.
I'm not furious with them though like some gardeners, you have to share and live with them - they don't know they're being 'pests' do they, and anyway what greater pest to this planet is there than the human being. We shall be sharing my bulbs, narcissi and daffodils - a whole sack from Lidl for £1.99 - bargain!

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  1. I shall think of your ecureuils folies when I see mine scrabbling around under the silver birch. Lovely to see the sweet shop again. I took my youngest son there on his first visit to Paris. We had an action packed day trip and this was on the itinerary.


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