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Monday, 1 October 2012


Hydrangeas seem to become more and more fashionable, especially fading or dried. This was the V & A museum courtyard in August, it looked spectacular when they were all in bloom.

I haven't always liked them but I do alot now. When I was young they seemed too much like hats the Queen or Princess Margaret would wear, very uncool then. And I never used to like the kind of gardens you'd see them in, it was like they were just used for fillers everywhere. They always looked so odd in windswept Dartmoor gardens in Devon where I grew up.

I bought this scarf at one of the Lovely Merchants sales. I seriously don't need another scarf but I loved the quality of the drawing in the design and it's made me appreciate them more.

It looks like the designer really had fun sketching these and designing for the square.

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