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Monday, 24 September 2012

TENT London

I really enjoyed TENT in the London Design Festival this weekend. It was good to meet The Rag and Bone Man and see his work in the flesh, I loved these metal coat hangers from golf clubs with lovely detailing. If you're looking for a present for a bloke......also check out his lighting and other metal adventures here.

I was super impressed by what the Urban Upholsterers have been up to. Andrea is very skilled at traditional upholstery techniques and he and Patrizia wanted to show the beauty of the inner workings. They've produced this sofa called the Baubau Sofa: it's a found piece (as always) and stripped down, repaired and then re-uphostered with no more padding than is necessary so you can see the history and the workings of the piece.

It's beautiful, I love it. You can see more much better photos than mine on their Facebook page. Watch the video of it at various stages, and see all their other recent developments.

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