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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Scented Studio

It smells really good in my studio at the moment because I've been sawing the tops of used Penhaligon's perfume bottles - all in the name of art - of course. I'm starting work on another chandelier for one of their shops. I always liked their style, the labels are great designs and the shops have original old glass cabinets, so when I first got to work with their bottles I couldn't believe how up my alley this project was. 

I incorporated lots of odd metal objects I'd collected with a light industrial slant too. 

This one is in London's Covent Garden shop.
And check out their blog for great photos, history and stories behind the scents. Apparently Hammam Bouquet for gentlemen was created in 1872. As if the perfumes weren't already considerately mixed, the shop staff seem to know how to mix cocktails of them too, I was once treated to this when I was waiting for a meeting there. I think my favourite scent is Malabah.


  1. Wow, this is such a fab idea. I love their labels so much!

  2. Beautiful...as always! ;-)

    Merry Christmas Madeleine xx

  3. Very interesting and beautiful work! I have been wearing Malabah for several years..I too love the scent!


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