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Friday, 20 August 2010


I found this flattened dust-pan yesterday. It suits my needs of Fine Art. It could be an abstract Cornish landscape or a comment on urban debris, I don't care I just like it.

I used to collect flattened objects, here's an oil can too. I spotted this while cycling and doubled back to get it. My very best specimen is this shopping basket, I love it because the perspective makes it look like a drawing. It cost nothing of course and I have at least one friend who has asked me to leave it to him in my will!


  1. You have a good eye for the beauty in this art!
    I love it too!


  2. Wow! I just go to your website and make a tour of your blog, this is good, refreshing.I love your ART! What a creativity...You can understand after that I become a new follower.
    Please continue like that!

  3. I would rather be left one of your chandeliers!!

    I appreciate the simplicity, the beauty, the art, the changed perspectives of not only the object but ourselves in relation to it, ...but I'd still rather be left one of your chandeliers! ;-) xx

  4. When I visited London last year, or the year before???, I went to the TATE modern and fell in love with an artists work there. She (dont know name, I am hopeless its true) had gathered thousands of house hold bits and pieces and flattened them with a steam roller and then hung them in perfect patterns above the ground with invisible wire, so they appeared to float magically. It took up an entire room and I was totaly transfixed for ages. I really hope you got to see her as I think you would have adore it.

  5. can I have your garbage please

  6. Hello new visitors, Thank you Maire-A for your nice words.
    David you're welcome to the real garbage - it's mostly plastic packaging, the rest is mostly compostable or recyclable.
    Hello Amber - that's Cornelia Parker's work, I'd peaked with my flat stuff and by the time I saw the piece you mention I saw lots of items I would have liked un-flattened for my chandeliers!

  7. Ooooh, love the basket, definately check out Cornelia parker especially Thirty Pieces of Silver. Look on the tate website.

  8. this is a great collection! it's good to know I'm not the only person who picks up things like this - I have a collection of lost wing mirrors which have all been flattened and the mirrors are all crackled . good times!


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