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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pipe Dream

This is the light I made using the bits of old clay pipes gathered mudlarking from the Thames river bed at low tide. I called it Mudlark's Pipe Dream. Apparently mudlarking is really trendy now (isn't everything!?) Anyway this piece is now Tokyo bound for my show and sale there in November at Found Garage; my clients new shop.
I didn't know how it was going to turn out I just knew I wanted to use the pipes somehow - so I just played around with them and colours and the result surprised me. I think it's two colour schemes merged.


  1. So beautiful and so intensive. I can't imagine the time you take to complete these. I am in awe. The next time I find tidbits like these on our farm I am going to make them into something beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me

  2. Yes I don't like to count the hours they take and usually juggle a few pieces at the same time. I love uninterrupted time making them though, it's the other things in life that take time that are trickier to manage!


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