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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Broken China

Over at My Friends House blog they're offering crockery therapy for the china you're annoyed at having broken. If you send your photo to them they will blog it and you'll receive sympathy to help you get over the loss. Well I knew the feeling and sent them my broken plate photo.  Being thrifty - of course the obvious thing to do is collect it all and then have a bash at mosaic. I don't like things too twee and saccharine so that's always the challenge with these things.

I hope I avoided that in my first attempt in the urban 'yarden'. I think the block of green squares helps to vary the scale and not be too busy with tiny pieces. None of these glazes would have been frost proof, so amazingly it's lasted well outdoors. I still have a box of broken pieces so I might have another go sometime. And since we're in the garden lets have a photo of the urban garden cat: Otis.

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