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Saturday 16 April 2011

More Mudlarking in the sun

If we get more sunny days like earlier this month I can really recommend morning mudlarking. I googled low tides and picked my day, it wasn't so early but I was the only person there. It's amazing to be in the middle of London and have this environment all to yourself.
I wanted more bits of clay pipe for a new chandelier. I got quite alot but there's an awful lot of bones down there and masses of plastic cable ties. Below is a piece of pipe, quite easy to spot. See my previous post on Mudlarking.

I picked up a few bits of crockery pieces - I like to imagine they all belonged to Samuel Pepys!
I used a piece of pipe in one of these Baby's Fascinators. My friends in Tokyo are opening a new shop called 'g(i)ven' selling smaller antiques and vintage items. I made these especially for the childrens section as it's fun for me to deviate from my usual stuff and make something different. In these I use brighter colours and can use up the odd single beads, but also keys, tiny spoons, buttons and coins.


  1. OMG - Those are adorable. I really, really like your work :)

  2. The baby fascinators (actually I think adults would be too) are fantastic!


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