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Friday, 18 March 2011

Helping Hands

Today I finished a collage for Edition Paumes in Tokyo. They are a publishing company who produce little books full of inspiring photos of creative homes, people, studios, ideas etc. My studio was in the London Ateliers book, here's a snippet of Otis's appearance.

Responding to the disaster they have asked their friends to produce small drawings etc. to sell at an exhibition in April where all proceeds will go to Japans Red Cross. I learned some things speaking to a friend in Tokyo just before he and his family left for Kyoto. Even if you want to carry on as normal, there is almost no petrol, no food left in the shops, no way of sending blankets and clothes to the North. I will be happy if Japan's disaster goes off the top of the news due to the nuclear plant becoming safe, we are all longing for this news, but I cant stop thinking about all the hungry, traumatised survivors in freezing conditions. Edition Paumes along with their printers will be producing a fund raising post card, I will give info here as soon as I know more about those - I'm sure they will be beautiful.

'Pray for Japan' galerie doux dimanche, Tokyo, April 5th-17th.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - look at the beautiful Otis! Famous! ;-)

    Let us know about this fundraising postcard when you get more details - I'll put it on my blog too ;-)


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