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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Great Designs

I wanted to get away from Japan as my sole blog subject simply for variety, not because it's gone out of my thoughts - it hasn't, but then my e-magazine Dezeen arrived with a great feature on speedy responses to the disaster by designers. Do have a look at them.

© Design by Delphine Perrot  2011

Also I'd wanted to contribute to something concerned with rebuilding in Japan, not only the Red Cross and Delphine Perrot designed this logo for donating via Just Giving for Shelterbox's to go to Japan's stricken areas. Use this LINK as I couldn't work out how to make the image into a link (sorry). And look at what's in a Shelterbox, they're amazing, really great inspiring design and emergency aid. Apparently mayors from the worst hit regions have requested temporary shelters because endless days in a communal one can become very stressful. Read more here. Cheerier posts coming soon I promise.

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