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Friday, 7 January 2011

2011 Recommended

Happy New Year All
I've been trying to catch up on exhibitions in London around this holiday time.
Do go and see The Coral Reef by Mike Nelson at Tate Britain.  I'll tell you nothing, more fun to just go! I chanced upon this, it's not on the Tate website or pamphlets yet it was the best thing I saw at Tate Britain that day. One of the attendants there told me it was on for another couple of months. It's really refreshing to see something profound in contemporary art as I find alot of conceptual art rather bloated.
Kimonos in a Tokyo flea market
Also excellent if it's up your alley is Future Beauty - 30 years of Japanese Fashion, on at the Barbican until the 6th of Feb. Ingenious construction, especially Issey Miyakes pieces seen flat, very inspiring, beyond fashion really.
I must catch Gauguin at Tate Modern, it ends on 16th January.

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