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Friday, 31 December 2010

Flowers Found on a Friday

This year my mother declared "I hate Christmas" within an hour of my arrival. This was quite annoying as I'd really pushed the boat out with her present and bought her a limited edition Ben Hartley print, framed it and carried it with luggage along many icy pavements to get it safely to her. She also said she only had little things for me, no proper present. Ok, each to their own. Thankfully what she lacked in festive spirit the snowy weather more than made up for.

Restaurant Andre by Ben Hartley
On Christmas eve we went shopping and I browsed the bric a brac in a market whilst she sat outside in the sun. Luck struck and I found this irresistable flower painting for a whopping £3, yes!, unbelievable price. It fits my collection perfectly, I love the oriental vase and enthusiasm with the pastey paint. So I bought it and joined her outside and told her I'd found something she could give me for Xmas, she was thrilled and promptly plonked three pound coins in my palm.

Did you eat as much as this guy?...

Or store your treats like this one...


  1. I love the flower paintings that you collect. Great idea. I have a mom who positively hates Christmas while I love it :) Like you say, each to his own!

  2. Oh Madeleine I both laughed and felt sad at your post! I'm sure we were seperated at birth as we appear to have the same Mother!

    I love my parents to absolute bits - but their lack of enthusiasm for things - esepcially Christmas can be so annoying at times! They seem to forget that this is OUR christmas too. Not sure if it's the same for you - but the guilt of how I'd feel if I didn't see them over Christmas sadly forces me to go home, even though at times I'd rather not due to the lack of any sign of festivity! My parents didn't even have a tree this year.

    I know they're old - and of course it isn't the same since I lost my sisters - but truth be known, they've always been a bit bah-humbag about Christmas. We didn't have much money when young and my mum worked long cleaning shifts just to afford to buy us presents herself every year - so I know that I've been very lucky in so many ways, so shouldn't really complain.

    But you know...it's CHRISTMAS - let's be merry Mum!

    Glad you got that beautiful painting - which will now make you smile every time you see it!
    Loving the Ben Hartley print too!

    Happy New Year Madeleine - and all the very best for the coming year! ;-)

    Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu x

  3. Thanks for your comments visitors and HNY! Who knows maybe we'll be grumpy when we're older. I dont necessarily miss my brother and father (they died 11 months apart) more at Xmas than any other time of the year, in fact Xmas is a great opportunity for distractions and support from pals. I love holly and berries, lights, snow and keeping warm by eating and drinking with friends - and when you work all year it is a great holiday to look forward to.
    I might soon run out of wall space for these flower paintings....I need a big house, dont we all!


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