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Thursday, 18 November 2010

I had to share this......

I heard this on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London 94.9 fm and it made my day, so incase you cant or don't listen.......a lady contacted the show (which can solve London mysteries) telling how she had parked in Soho and paid and displayed etc., when she returned to her car she was perplexed to see a ticket had been served. On unfolding the ticket she found it was congratulating her on her Fine Parking!!!!!!
Well it's one thing to have a lovely idea but it's another to spend time putting it into action to bring a smile and a chuckle to an unwitting recipient. Doesn't that make your heart sing?

The follow up on todays show revealed the issuers intentions were to reverse the emotion of receiving a parking ticket and declared it a 'subversive installation'. This was thought up and put into action by Three Green Dots. Lovely. Oh and the sleepy animals have nothing to do with this, just looking for something to go with 'Fine Parking' amongst my Tokyo snaps, to extend the joy this story brings on an otherwise grey day!

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